Boy have I been busy!

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I just found a quit claim to my page. if I didn’t show some activity on this page. I’m still here.

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I haven’t published in a while. It’s not that I have nothing to say. I was just busy doing other things that I had to do. And now that the WordPress word master is threatening to take my site down if I don’t publish.

I am really really upset about what happened in Orlando Florida. But then late last night some guy was found with automatic rifles, ammo and other accoutrements Santa Monica.

( if anybody knows how to make the the font stay the same size. I would really love a note back.)

I am doing a lot of reading this week. Gobbling up the LA Times. And a couple of science fiction books that I have borrowed from and I’ll just turn it back in before 7 days and they’re free. Of course I pay Kindle $9.99 per month to be able to do that. But it’s a good trade

The thing that made my week crammed full of dealing with computers and people, however I Got things straightened out. I subscribe to the ladwp automatic payment system. Although I didn’t pay attention and I found out that this company called doxo. This company pays bills to utilities and other companies before people and they charged him about 3.99 dollars a transaction. Well I fell into their grimy clutchs it took me about 3 hours to get shut of them there unsubscribe function is very very complicated. I thought it was supposed to be simple. Not!!!!!!! at doxo. That was exhausting work, frustrating also. I apologize for not keeping up and I will be a better Wordsmith. I am really going to work on it. I most forgot the most important thing that happened this week. Did anybody see Senator Elizabeth Warren’s speech that she gave on Friday. WOW!!! That was a stem-winder of a speech. She dropped the Donald in so many pieces it will take him forever to put them all back together again. That may be wishful thinking. He is a narcissistic megalomaniac and he just may shrug it off. But, I hope to get transcript of the speech. If I can I’m going to frame it behind glass and hanging on the wall.

Love & kisses, the easy chair/Terry the pirate.

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the pride roars

It has finally come to pass. The slumbering Pride has awakened. And the Republicans have reaped the whirlwind. The suffering masses have said,”I can’t take it any more.” All of the pain and suffering have come to rest  on both parties, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Trump scares everyone, at home and abroad.

 Bernie is a pride of another stripe (mixing metaphors). Bernie attracted voters W/ a plan and unlocked, but in a controlled manner,  anger and fear. Secretary Clinton however, is a politician, promises action on many policies that democrats have promised before, doing nothing after they get into office.

The Donald sounds  like an old time southern progressive, but without any chicken in every pot, Huey Long, comes to mind is making it up as he goes along. Bernie, on the other hand, knows  exactly  what he wants to do from day one. We may be in contested conventions. They will be different.

The Republicans will have The Donald coming to them as the probative nominee and the Democrats with Bernie with all of his pledged votes. What is he going to do with them?

It will be interesting and fraught with danger to the Union.

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I have been running around to doc appts. I am thankful I woke up on the correct side of the dirt. I heard thunder around 10:30 this morning meeting the day with a smile on my face

I have so much to do! I have IHSS & I don’t have to any general house keeping. I will be most disciplined about my schedule.

Enough about me

I signed up on Soundcloud and Discover!! WOW!!. The talent on Discover is amazing. I have to be very disciplined. Soundcloud has all of Bill Moyers’ podcasts and a bunch of music, too. I will report on Soundcloud as I explore it.

I have found, if you do right, good things will be there for the taking. At my doctors’ I saw a red tailed hawk going around & around in the updrafts. Three times it practiced dives w/ wings drawn in against his body.  Pulling out he went circling overhead. Then he went away leaving me 😄😁.

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This is the O’l Easychair  shouting out after a almost 2 months. Writing is tough and more so with a 73yrs old, but unremarkable brain. I love Discover which I discovered only recently. It is so rich, diet breaking and a need to write some good stuff. I’ll post about once a week and we shall see what we see.

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