2016 election cycle

16 days to go. looks like we’re going to send Donald to the woodshed. I’m really wondering what he’s going to do afterwards. I Gotta Feeling he could cause a constitutional crisis. It is just unknowable what DJT is going to do.  he and his followers do not know what they’re going to do because they are brain dead. And to think that his staff is continuing to feed his  megalomania. I have a feeling it may be time to duck!



About heinlein

I am 73 yrs old, male, disabled(missing left arm to disease), some college, living on S.S., the only thing keeping me somewhat sane(?). I am a Rockefeller Republican. I need to loose 30lbs., I have almost all of my hair left. I love to read thrillers and books on History & current affairs. I don't get out enough to go to the movies or to museums or to galleries. I don't exercise enough. I am a good listener. Hazel eyes, gray hair, 5'8".
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