High School Civics Classes

I just went through the “common core” regulations and I was surprised to see how they appeared to cover all of the bases from “below kindergarten through 12th grade.  Common Core would require at least a semester of study for me to begin to understand it.

I hereby open the floor to those of you in high school or just graduated,how well the CC prepared you for college, a certificate, or for a start as you approach adulthood.

One line or page, Thank You.


About heinlein

I am 73 yrs old, male, disabled(missing left arm to disease), some college, living on S.S., the only thing keeping me somewhat sane(?). I am a Rockefeller Republican. I need to loose 30lbs., I have almost all of my hair left. I love to read thrillers and books on History & current affairs. I don't get out enough to go to the movies or to museums or to galleries. I don't exercise enough. I am a good listener. Hazel eyes, gray hair, 5'8".
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