I’ll be eating Christmas dinner at
the Brite Spot. But I won’t feel lonely. I’ll be alone and that’s the way it has to be right now. I saw an ad for Johnnie Walker Black Black Label for oo$40 for a 1.5 liter bottle. Over there. 3 years and 9 months ago I had nothing No primitive address no money to buy food searching for help. Talk about a breaking heart it was too far away to ride the bus and I couldn’t get anybody to run me over there. That’s probably a good thing. 3 years and 9 months ago I was homeless I just been kicked out of mine room with bath. I went to the VA they help me right away. I got into a program. I worked it hard and ended up 3 years and 9 months abstinence from my addiction. It is my emotional Center. I am in much better circumstances today. My relationship with my sister is getting better and she rates just below gratitude.
I wish all of humankind a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. I know that won’t be possible, but I keep hoping. To all who visited and make comments on my blog. I promise that I will get around to looking at your blogs before the end of the year.
Merry Christmas and a Happy and fruitful  new year and now I will go get some sleep.

the easy chair


About heinlein

I am 73 yrs old, male, disabled(missing left arm to disease), some college, living on S.S., the only thing keeping me somewhat sane(?). I am a Rockefeller Republican. I need to loose 30lbs., I have almost all of my hair left. I love to read thrillers and books on History & current affairs. I don't get out enough to go to the movies or to museums or to galleries. I don't exercise enough. I am a good listener. Hazel eyes, gray hair, 5'8".
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