IIIIIII’m back.

I have been away so long I am embarrassed . I have been following so much stuff that I forgot I had this acct. Even if no one reads it, l can use it as a place to hone my what I truly to say & be understood.  Two things to start.  1) I don’t understand how that DONALD TRUMP is so high in the polls. Are we a nation like Wiemar Germany?  Since the President is hated by the extreme right, I believe that a well known Goldwater Republican needs to go on all channels, as would let him speak, on this one subject, and explain to all of America that such speech, while not illegal, is only inciting the radical right to carry out as is already happening attacks on Mosques, businesses, other meeting places. To a great degree Trump’s utterances lies, half truths, inciting language sounds like that Austrian’s ( the spell checker insisted the capitol A) speech before and after 1933. We had a chance to take him out early, that goes for WWI, too. We let the NAZZI’s in our country to do their best to keep us out of WWII along with every stripe of isolationists. We let the United States of America and Britain (WWI ) send much of a generation to their deaths both times.







About heinlein

I am 73 yrs old, male, disabled(missing left arm to disease), some college, living on S.S., the only thing keeping me somewhat sane(?). I am a Rockefeller Republican. I need to loose 30lbs., I have almost all of my hair left. I love to read thrillers and books on History & current affairs. I don't get out enough to go to the movies or to museums or to galleries. I don't exercise enough. I am a good listener. Hazel eyes, gray hair, 5'8".
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